Resources for CRNAs

MoANA is committed to providing the most current and effective resources for practicing CRNAs in Missouri.  Please find a list of resources below.

MoANA Bylaws – Approved 10-8-16

MoANA’s rules and regulations are inspired by AANA and local members to help guide our organization’s actions.

Standing Rules Oct. 30 2017

Our organization’s standing rules are resolutions and motions governing the actions of MoANA. These rules were adopted to support MoANA’s bylaws.

Scope of Practice

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) licensed as independent practitioners. CRNAs practice both autonomously and in collaboration with a variety of health providers on the interprofessional team to deliver high-quality, holistic, evidence-based anesthesia and pain care services. Nurse anesthetists care for patients at all acuity levels across the lifespan in a variety of settings for procedures including, but not limited to, surgical, obstetrical, diagnostic, therapeutic, and pain management. CRNAs serve as clinicians, researchers, educators, mentors, advocates, and administrators.

Missouri Legal Scope of Practice Links to Statutes and Rules Governing CRNAs


Continuing Education

MoANA’s goal is to provide valuable resources for members regarding conferences, educational opportunities, license renewals and more. Stay current by joining MoANA today!

DOH Reporting

Learn relevant changes with the Department of Health and how it affects Missouri CRNA’s scope of practice.

National and State Associations

Connect with CRNA’s all over the nation by checking-out their websites!

Past Presidents

MoANA has a history of wonderful leaders. Review our past presidents and the years they served!

Practice Protocols & BNDD Issue

Sample Anesthesia Protocol documents and to learn about the BNDD Issue.